About Us


Helix Diagnostics is an emerging Contract Research Organization dedicated to providing testing support for oligonucleotide therapeutics developers.


Since the 2006 Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of RNA interference technology, a rapid expansion of companies developing RNA and DNA drugs has occurred, representing one of the fastest-growing sectors of the pharmaceutical industry.  In order to prove these promising agents are safe and/or efficacious for humans, companies must engage in toxicology and safety studies and show the new drug agent is present in therapeutic quantities in recovered samples. 

Helix specializes in providing these answers for Clients, using a proprietary high-throughput assay based on hybridization and capillary electrophoresis.  The Helix assay is unique in that it provides not only Identity and Quantity of the oligonucleotide drug from any tissue type, but it also profiles any present Metabolite species – all from a single sample and a single assay.  This “one stop” capability provides substantial value to drug developers as it avoids use of multiple methods and samples to get the same answer.  Client savings in assay costs and tox/safety studies may be significant.

If your clinical development pipeline includes oligonucleotide therapeutics, Helix is ready to serve your bioanalytical needs – today!


At Helix we have the flexibility and capacity to be responsive to your bioanalytical needs.